Cherry Juice for Muscles

Can Cherry Juice Relieve Muscle Soreness Naturally?

The juice of the Michigan Montmorency-grown tart cherry has recently been adding legions of followers and supports from all walks of life including weekend warriors, professional athletes and the public in general. The reason is due to its naturally compounds that helps to fight inflammation.

Recently published research indicates tart cherry juice is fast becoming the first choice to combat inflammation and pain. Long distance runners, among other groups, have really been drawn to the tart cherry juice for its ability to increase performance, shorten recovery time and relief muscle soreness.

The reason runners, especially long distance runners have shown interest in the cherry juice is as the individuals continues to add miles on an ever changing terrain the probably of muscle damages increases. From the runners and trainers I have talked with have told me is muscle damage is caused by extremely small tears called micro-tears. These tears occur in the muscle fiber and can cause the body to become inflamed. This inflammation leads to muscle soreness, fatigue, reduced strength and increases recovery time.

The Science of Cherry Juice

Studies conducted by some of the largest research facilities in the United States have indicated that the consumption of cherry juice has a positive effect on inflammation markers and oxidative stress. In addition, the cherry juice also offers other positive benefits to the runners and anyone else the enjoys a glass of the tangy red super fruit daily.

The initial studies on the consumption of tart cherries, about dozen per day, indicated reduced amount of inflammatory markers. This is great news for those looking to relieve muscle soreness. This discovery lead to additional research in which the participants consumed tart cherry juice pre and post workout. One study had some of the participants drink either tart cherry juice or a placebo twice a day for four days prior to and four days after an scheduled exercise event. Those in the cherry juice group also drank the cherry liquid the day they exercised, too.

As you can image, the researcher keep detailed records of the range of motion, tenderness of the muscles and pain level before and after the scheduled exercise. What is interesting with the results is the range of motion and muscle tenderness of the cherry juice group and the placebo group did change from the number before the study, but the cherry juice group enjoyed less pain and loss of strength.

Pain, muscle tenderness, range of motion and strength were assessed on each of the four days following the exercise bout and while range of motion and muscle tenderness were no different between cherry juice and placebo, it did appear that cherry juice effectively reduced pain and loss of strength.

Muscle Pain and Cherry Juice

Another study was conducted on the west coast of the United States with a group of participants running from inland Oregon to the Pacific coast. Similar to early studies, the participants drink either the placebo or cherry juice. However, for this study they drink the cherry juice for seven days prior to the race, compared to only four days. In addition, the participants also consumed the cherry juice or the placebo for two day after the race, compared to four day for the exercise group.

While both groups reported increase pain from the beginning of the run, those in the tart cherry juice group reported smaller amounts of increased pain levels compared to the placebo group. In addition, the cherry juice group also had a mental advantage since they reported to the researched they enjoyed overall higher satisfaction that the red drink could actually reduce inflammation.

Cherry Juice and Muscle Soreness

Another study on tart cherry juice was conducted across the Atlantic Ocean in the United Kingdom. This study also involved runners and measured oxidative stress and inflammation. Similar to other research studies participants were divided into tart cherry juice and a placebo group. After the final runner completed the marathon and the data collected by the researchers, they found basically similar results as the other tests. The researcher discovered that tart cherry juice reduced inflammation, increased antioxidant intake and those who drank the tart cherry juice enjoyed faster recovery than the placebo group.

This study helps to reinforce the positive benefits cherry juice offers as a natural way to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.

Additional Health Benefits of Cherry Juice and Tart Cherries

In addition to its ability to reduce inflammation and increase antioxidant levels naturally it also a good source of melatonin to assist with getting a healthy night’s sleep. Learn more about tart cherries, cherry juice and sleep

The Final Word on Cherry Juice

While a number of different varieties of tart cherries exist, one of the most popular is the Michigan-grown Montmorency tart cherry. In addition, it takes the juice of approximately 100 cherries to make just one ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate. It’s the tart cherry juice concentrate that makes tart cherry juice. You would simply mix one ounce of cherry juice concentrate with seven ounces of water to make a 100% pure glass of cherry juice.

In addition to the liquid cherry, many people take the tart cherry capsules. This delivers higher specific antioxidant benefits when compared to drinking the juice. In addition, each serving of the capsules has less than one gram of sugar.

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